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Deftones - Hearts / Wires (cover by Evolution of Music)

A cover of Deftones' Hearts / Wires off their Gore (2016) release by Lucky Jukebox Brigade and Evolution of Music.

Shot and directed by Steven Senisi using Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Musical Arrangement by Steven Senisi and Geppi Iaia

Musical Performances by
Lucky Jukebox Brigade:
Deanna Deluke (Vocals)
Geppi Iaia (Bass)
Jimmy Affatigato (Guitar, Sax)
Chris Weatherly (Trumpet, Tombone)

As well as:
Richardo Barney (Drums)
Steven Senisi (Keyboards / Programming)

Special thanks to The Lucky Jukebox Brigade: Deanna Deluke, Geppi Iaia, Jimmy Affatigato, Chris Weatherly.
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Posted in All, Music Videos on Nov 01, 2016